Coaching is a path that found me! As a female entrepreneur working from home over the past 14 years, I found myself working more and more with organizations and individuals that for whatever reasons their current ways of doing business needed re-thinking, re-tooling or simply just weren’t working anymore.

About Me


In March of 2007, I joined the Experient Sales Network, a Maritz Global Events company to lead event sales and meeting planning. This was a perfect fit for me at the time. Being an independent contractor combined the challenge of being an entrepreneur as well as giving me the ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate an organization’s needs such as housing and registration.


Over the years, I have planned meetings for groups ranging anywhere from 250 in attendance to as many as 20,000. Pulling together the logistical pieces of large, multi-faceted events is like a puzzle – you need to define goals in line with the big picture, understand an organization’s history and culture, lead various personalities, determine and manage priorities. Event planning honed the skills I now use in my coaching practice to help growth-oriented CEOs, executives and team leaders to understand their strengths, build a strategic plan and maximize their potential to lead a team and themselves.


In addition, I am entering my seventh year on the board of directors for Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee. Three of those years, I was honored to lead as the first female board chair for our chapter. This work was further training for understanding Southern business culture, expanding my network and building partnerships. To date, we’ve expanded our outreach, increased revenue by 37%, and secured new space for the organization through a collaborative partnership with two other non-profits. We entered a seven-year corporate branding partnership and built a three-year strategic plan.


My greatest joy is as a mother to two amazing, grown daughters – this and my nearly 35-year marriage to my wonderful husband have perhaps taught me the most about what really matters and striking a balance between that and the business world.


I look forward to sharing my insights and wisdom while guiding you on your journey.

“Sue Ann’s vision helped the chapter level-up and accomplish large goals in the area of revenue development, wish granting, and chapter infrastructure. Sue Ann was a partner at every turn. She was approachable and available to the organization, she led honestly, and was a great sounding board as we worked through big decisions. She brings passion, heart, common sense, and humor with her on every venture. When Sue Ann gives her energy, she gives completely and those who get to work with her are very lucky!”


– Beth Torres, President & CEO, Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee –
“Sue Ann’s management style was both collaborative and creative, leading to successful results on the part of both the organization’s staff and the Board of Directors. Sue Ann is a genuinely engaging ‘people person’ who makes everyone feel comfortable at the same time that she is challenging them to reach ever higher goals. Sue Ann brings magic!”


 – Jeff Lynch, Financial Consultant, President of Summit Financial Group, Nashville, Tenn. –
“When I think of leadership and the qualities of a leader, I think about hard work, selflessness, and the ability to create an atmosphere where people can succeed. In my 10 years of working alongside Sue Ann, I have firsthand witnessed her ability to not only lead selflessly, but also create that atmosphere with compassion and humility.”


– Ben Hanback, Resident Managing Director, Aon, & Founding Board Member, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee –
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